Sorry, Canine Kleptomaniacs is no longer available in the US | FREE SHIPPING for UK customers

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Product availability and shipping

🇬🇧 To our UK customers...  Shipping is now FREE for Canine Kleptomaniacs and Covert Ops! Can't say fairer than that.  🇺🇸 To our US customers...  Shipping is now FREE for Canine Kleptomaniacs. As in the past, we continue to ship Canine Kleptomaniacs from within the US via our fulfilment partner in Florida (whilst limited stocks last).  Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of sending the Covert Ops add-on to the US, from the UK where our stock is based, means that this is no longer available.  If you desperately desire to get a copy of Covert Ops because you've fallen in love with Canine Kleptomaniacs, please contact us at or DM us through our social media and we can arrange international tracked shipping...

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Covert Ops - the new expansion

A boat has arrived in Southampton (UK) with our latest print run of games, including a shiny new expansion pack!  Covert Ops adds a whole new level of canine chaos to the game, allowing players to steal from each others' Hiding Places. Plus, there's loads of new cards done in the same cutesy style as before.  We're hoping to find a cost effective option for our friends in the US, but with sky-rocketing shipment and marketing costs, we've had to make the tough decision to only hold stock in the UK. Watch this space for more on the availability of Covert Ops in coming weeks! 

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Covert Ops - our prototype add-on 'revealed'

If you've been enjoying playing Canine Kleptomaniacs, you might be interested to know that we're planning to launch an add-on 'expansion' to the base game. Codenamed 'Covert Ops', the game introduces a James-Bond / Mission Impossible twist to the base game!    With Mutt on a Mission cards you can raid opponents Hiding Places! You can use cards such as the Cuddly Spy Bear and Electroscopic Squeakatron to wreak new levels of hound-induced havoc.  We recently did our first Twitch broadcast showing a full playthrough of the new add on. Check it out here

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Virtually Expo 21 to 23rd August

Come find us at Virtually Expo - the UK Games Industry's premier show, gone totally online! Free to enter, you can find out more here. Search for Golden Ginty Games Ltd. in the online Exhibitors' Hall.

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