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Covert Ops is live (in the UK)

It's been a long time coming, but Covert Ops (the new expansion pack for Canine Kleptomaniacs) is LIVE and available for purchase from our website! 

We'll be adding set up and how to play videos in the coming weeks, but those of you already familiar with Canine Kleptomaniacs will find the new rules quick and easy to grasp. 

The BIG difference between the original game and this add-on, is that you are now able to pilfer and plunder each others' Hiding Places! There are also a heap of fun new action cards; a couple of nasty surprises for the Master's Bedroom and the Code Red Anti-Pilferage (C.R.A.P) device which you'll use to set protection for your new-look Hiding Places. 

Due to large escalations in the costs of warehouse storage, marketing and shipping, we have regrettably had to take the decision not to hold inventory of Covert Ops in the US. We are currently exploring costs for shipping to the US from the UK, but it does seem likely that this will prove to be too expensive. 

Meanwhile, we still have copies of Canine Kleptomaniacs available within the US!