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What is Canine Kleptomaniacs?

Dogs stealing stuff, in a card game

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It's got plunderin’ pooches...

Piles of pongy titbits

Despicable doggy deeds

Powerful pilfering paws

Fluffy rumbles and fishy blasts

A place of pongy perfection

And squirrels, obviously...

“An absolutely fantastic game. So good, it even had our 13-year-old daughter demanding we play it more. A game that can tear a teenager away from the XBox has definitely got something going for it”


"This game has literally got us through lockdown! All three children absolutely love it and we play it almost daily!!! Cannot recommend highly enough!"


“Awesome, funny and a joy to play. A really well thought out game for the family...”

A. Lewis

“Absolutely brilliant game. Definitely worth watching the video to learn the rules Quick and easy to pick up. Thank you!”

H. Rollins

“It takes something significant these days to get the kids off their screens, but for the third night running both teens have insisted on double CK sessions”

S. Johnson

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How to play

What are others saying?

“In short, this is fast, wild ride that has had our family in stitches and I am certain we will play it for years to come”. (7.5/10)

“I love this expansion! Covert Ops is a must have addition”. (8/10)


“We were so impressed by how well the game worked in this family environment (creating smiles all around) that Golden Ginty Games Ltd have pilfered an award, and the hearts of our players for how enjoyable this game is to play!”

Public Choice Kickstartgaming Award 2019

“Definitely one of the silliest party games we’ve played this year, Canine Kleptomaniacs made us laugh until we cried.”

The Family Gamers

“It is a great game and is loved by everyone who plays it in our shop!”

Taylored Games

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